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Why Use A Regulator

- Jun 23, 2017 -

With the rapid development of society, increasing the number of electrical equipment, the type gradually complicated, the requirements of the grid is getting higher and higher. But the development of power transmission and distribution facilities lagging behind, and the design of the backward and lack of power and other reasons caused by the end of the line end of the user voltage is too low, and the line front users are often high voltage, which is the power equipment, especially for voltage requirements Strict high-tech and precision equipment, resulting in a great impact and damage, seriously affecting the production and experimental activities such as normal. Power supply system as a public power grid, connected to the above tens of thousands of various loads, including some of the larger inductive, capacitive, switching power supply load, these loads not only from the power grid, but also in turn The power grid itself caused by the impact, resulting in utility voltage waveform distortion or frequency drift, so that the power grid worse, more power grid quality. In addition to natural accidents and human accidents, such as the load voltage is too large, power transmission system circuit or short circuit, earthquake, lightning, will endanger the normal supply of electricity, thus affecting the normal load

Voltage instability will cause the device to malfunction or cause fatal injuries, thus affecting the production, resulting in delays in delivery, quality and other adverse consequences of instability. But also will accelerate the aging of equipment, affecting the life and even destroy the equipment, so that business owners face repair or update equipment, increase costs, waste of resources; more serious time to occur security incidents, resulting in more serious consequences.

So the use of regulators, the electrical equipment, especially for voltage requirements of high-tech equipment and precision equipment is essential.

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