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The Role Of The Regulator

- Jun 23, 2017 -

The regulator is a device that can be connected to a stable voltage at the back of its electrical equipment to ensure proper operation of the electrical equipment. So the key role of the regulator is to solve the voltage problem

1, the voltage deviation: increase the regulator can be a good solution to the problem of grid voltage deviation, to provide high-quality electrical equipment operating environment.

2, voltage fluctuations (grid mutation less than 10%): increase the regulator is to solve the most effective means of voltage fluctuations. Can provide a relatively good operating environment for electrical equipment.

3, voltage flicker (power grid mutation greater than 10%): increase the regulator (grid mutation less than 20%) can improve the lightning disaster, operating overvoltage, high-capacity impact load (such as electric arc furnace, etc.) The impact of volatility.

4, high harmonics: the regulator itself can not solve the problem of high harmonics, regulators in the presence of high harmonics need to increase the sampling filter system (true RMS sampling).

5, three-phase asymmetry: Isolation transformer plus regulator is an effective way to solve the voltage asymmetry. In most cases can meet the national allowable value: 2%, short no more than 4%, a single user shall not exceed 1.3% of the request.

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