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Regulator Technical Parameters

- Jun 23, 2017 -

A. The regulator has an input voltage adaptation range. IEC standard for the input voltage within ± 20 of the rated value of the range of automatic sound and light alarm and can not make the output voltage stability within the required range.

B. The output voltage regulation rate is the effect of the change of the input voltage caused by the change of the input voltage. When the load is rated, the input voltage will be adjusted from the rated value to the upper limit and the lower limit by the source voltage range. The maximum amount of change in output voltage (±). The smaller the value, the better the performance of AC voltage regulator is an important indicator.

C. Load regulation: the effect of changes in output caused by changes in load. Change the load current to measure the amount of change in the output voltage (±). This value is as small as possible, but also an important measure of AC regulator performance indicators.

D. The relative harmonic content of the output voltage (also known as the output voltage distortion), usually expressed by THD, is the harmonic content of the total RMS and fundamental RMS ratio, when the load is rated, the input voltage distortion to meet the benchmark (Usually less than 3), the input voltage is the lowest value, the rated value and the maximum value of the measured output voltage distortion, whichever is the largest. This value is as small as possible.

E. Efficiency: The ratio of the output active power P0 to the input active power Pi (percentage)

F. Load power factor

The voltage regulator is expressed in terms of voltammetry (VA) or KVA (KVA), which is the load in addition to the pure resistive load, there are inductive and capacitive loads, that is, the load in addition to active power, there are no Power power. This pointer reflects the ability of the AC regulated power supply to be inductive and capacitive.

General AC power supply, the load power factor cosφ is 0.8, when the product is 1KW, the output of the active power (that is, with resistive load capacity) up to 800W. If the product is 1KW (cosφ is still 0.8), Output active power 1KW, then the output power S = 1000 / 0.8 = 1250VA. When the load power factor is small, it indicates that the power supply is capable of adapting to the reactive load.

The parameters of the AC voltage regulator include the output power, the input frequency, the source frequency effect, the random deviation (time drift), the no-load input power, and the source power factor. This value is different from the load power factor. 1) ﹑ source current relative harmonic content, audio noise, etc., three-phase AC power supply, there are three-phase output voltage imbalance, etc., the definition of these indicators and test methods can refer to the relevant standards.

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