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Regulator Function Introduction

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Regulator is a can automatically adjust the output voltage of the power supply circuit or power supply equipment, its role is to fluctuate and reach the electrical equipment requirements of the power supply voltage stabilized in its set value range, so that a variety of circuits or electrical The device can operate at rated operating voltage.

The initial power regulator is based on the relay's jitter stabilized voltage. When the grid voltage fluctuations, the power regulator automatically corrects the circuit to start, so that the internal relay action. Forcing the output voltage to remain near the set value, this circuit has the advantage of simple circuit, the disadvantage is the regulator accuracy is not high and each relay jitter shift, will make the power supply instantaneous interrupt and spark interference.

This computer equipment to read and write work a lot of interference, likely to cause the computer error signal, serious damage to the hard disk.

High-quality small voltage regulator, mostly using the motor to drag the carbon brush method to stabilize the voltage, this regulator on the electrical equipment generated by the interference is relatively small precision is relatively high.

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