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Regulate The Way

- Jun 23, 2017 -

1, centralized regulator

10KV power distribution lines are not standardized will cause the voltage deviation, the general priority to adjust the transformer tap way to solve, adjust the transformer tap the difficulties, increase the regulator can be completely resolved.

380V / 220V distribution lines are not standardized, load imbalance, special load will cause voltage deviation and voltage fluctuations, increase the regulator is the best solution.

2, local, near the regulator

Voltage fluctuation (power grid mutation less than 10%), voltage flicker (power grid mutation is greater than 10% less than 20%), power equipment near the increase regulator can be a good solution to the problem of grid voltage deviation is to solve the voltage fluctuations The most effective means can improve the effect of voltage flicker.

3, isolation transformer + regulator regulator mode

The power supply transformer capacity is small, low-voltage power supply line is too long, the traditional three-phase four-wire power supply mode hybrid power supply; will often appear voltage three-phase asymmetry and flicker problems (such as remote rural, telecommunications base stations, etc.) The use of isolation transformer + regulator power supply to improve the electricity consumption of electricity equipment.

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