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How To Understand The Price Of The Regulator

- Jun 23, 2017 -

We in the process of electricity, more or less will encounter the voltage instability, instantaneous fluctuations in the situation, the regulator is to solve such problems arising. Many people in the purchase of regulators will be concerned about the price of the regulator. But the market regulator of the many brands, the quality of the regulator is uneven, so the price is also very different.

Want to determine the price of the regulator, first of all to determine what you need is the regulator: Xi'an to know how much the voltage is divided into 220v and 380v, 220v then you need a series of series regulator, 380v It is three-phase.

In addition, to know the power of the regulator to bring the power of the equipment is much. It is necessary to determine whether the load is a purely resistive load or an inductive load. The inductive load needs to multiply the original power by the corresponding multiple, and the multiplier has a different calculation method according to the different load. Determine the power, and then select the regulator.

In general, the same power regulator, three-phase than the single-phase expensive; the greater the power, the higher the price.

The above is simply a few of the parameters associated with the regulator.

The best way is to purchase a regulator, and suppliers to conduct a comprehensive communication, according to their needs to choose the appropriate load regulator, the formal manufacturers have a special custom services. It is a very dangerous practice for some users to choose a cheap regulator in order to save money from the supplier's advice.

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