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How Does The Regulator Regulator Work?

- Jun 23, 2017 -

Regulator is used to adjust the circuit and control circuit, the machine power to make it work, then we look at the type of regulator and the working principle.

First, the principle of single-phase direct voltage regulator regulator. Single-phase direct voltage regulator is the use of autocouple transformer principle, the need to pay attention to is the input voltage when the output set if the point is higher than 220V, the transformer will automatically work in the buck state, but how When the input voltage is below 220V, the transformer will automatically operate to the boost state. This regulator is different from the transformer where the input point A can be any sliding between 0V and 250V, so we can adjust the input voltage at any time to adjust the input voltage to meet the constant voltage.

Second, the three-phase voltage regulator regulator works. Three-phase voltage regulator regulator is the working principle of the three more stable voltage unit can be used to connect, as long as the voltage can be stable output. Three-phase voltage regulator regulator of the three sliding arm is a motor to adjust independently, so the regulator is the three-phase split regulator, which means that their working principle and single-phase voltage regulator is exactly the same The

How does the regulator guarantee continuous output? Here it is necessary to use the technical terms of the regulator to explain the regulator in the process of pressure to move through the carbon brush to change the number of contact coil turns to achieve, in particular, pay attention to the adjustment is required to always maintain Contact with the coil, otherwise it will immediately power.

In addition, the home AC voltage regulator is generally simple, it is based on a transformer to add a control winding, and then through the application of this winding to a DC, then the core of the transformer will today to semi-saturated state , In the regulation of the DC control current size, so this can adjust the core into the saturated state to achieve the level of regulation of the output voltage.

Commonly speaking, the working principle of the regulator In fact, and sliding rheostat is the same principle, by adjusting the number of access resistance wire turns to change the voltage across the appliance

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