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Regulator safety issues

- Jun 23, 2017 -

⒈ power supply in the power on the start, do not arbitrarily open the power supply or pull the regulator power supply input and output connections to prevent electric shock or other electrical safety accidents.

⒉ power supply input and output power supply must be arranged reasonable to prevent trampling worn, resulting in leakage accident.

⒊ power supply must be reliable grounding, due to non-ground wire operation caused by electric shock or human injury, by the user responsible for their own.

⒋ power supply ground can not be connected to the heating pipes, water pipes, gas pipelines and other public facilities, so as not to infringe the rights of third parties or cause harm.

⒌ should regularly check the power supply input and output connections, so as to avoid loose or fall off, thus affecting the normal use of power supply and safe power.

⒍ voltage regulator cable matching must meet the provisions of the current capacity to carry enough capacity of the cable.

⒎. Regulator should be gently, in the work of time to avoid severe vibration;

⒏, to ensure that the regulator's carbon brush spring has enough pressure to avoid the carbon brush and coil contact surface flash;

⒐, non-professionals please do not open the regulator power supply or power supply for maintenance.

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